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The oldest existing bass in the world is auctioned

2018-03-18 12:04:40

A few days ago, this bass named Audiovox 736 was sold on eBay for $23,850.

There is a reason why this bass was mentioned because it is likely to be one of the oldest existing electric basses in the world. This bass was produced by Paul Tutmarc in Seattle, Washington, in 1936. It took 15 years earlier than the Fender P-Bass we know.

According to the seller's information, this bass was sold by Tutmar's grandson and is one of the only three Audiovox 736 basses in the world. The bass's configuration is an unpainted black walnut body, and the original pickups are still able to perform normally despite some wear and tear.

Although Audiovox has never been as colorful as Fender P-Bass and has not achieved commercial success, some people still valued the commercial investment potential of this bass and let this bass rise from the earliest price of 75 US dollars. 23,850 dollars turnover.