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You can become a guitar master without playing guitar

2018-01-31 15:26:41

Adam Jun found that often see our "Adam" readers, many of whom are also classical music lovers. You choose classical music, I think it is not because it is "enough to force", but compared to the now noisy pop music, classical music is more emotional, imaginative space is more ambitious.

Tonight, Adam wants to talk to everyone about music, talk through the classical and popular areas of the "Tiger Balm" - guitar.

This romantic Mexican melody is coming from Ponce,

Played by John Williams, a Hollywood soundtrack co-star with Memoirs of a Geisha and Star Wars.

"Bitch guitar" does not play guitar

Classical music hometown of masterpieces, mostly European and American descent. However, in the field of guitars, a little study reveals that a considerable proportion of masters come from countries that seldom focus on us.

Manuel Maria Ponce (1882-1948), known as "Bitch of the Guitar World," comes from Mexico, a chicken roll country, and is a proud pride of Mexico.

Ponce, who wrote a large number of reincarnations, did not play the guitar. Ponce, who wrote a lot of reincarnations, did not play the guitar.

Even the simple words are still spell noisy, Little Ponce has been studying piano in her sister's piano home. At the age of 19, Ponce traveled to Europe to study and return to teach.

Young fame him, though already recognized music genius in his hometown, but he still want to go one step further. 43-year-old he went to Europe again. Ponce, a guitarist who does not play guitar in Paris, and his guitarist Andres Segovia (1893-1987) make life long friends.

Segovia often invites Ponce to create new songs for him. You know, even in that era, travel is not cheap. Segovia to some extent to solve the latter's economic problems, of course, Segovia also often perform at a concert friend's work.

Although in real life, the last two did not turn up, but the above story, whether you remind of the recent hot "dream travel"?

This Pixar movie with a Douban score of 9.3 is known as the "annual tear drama." The largest tear film, is music. "Song of God" Lakus relied on singing a song by a friend Ektor, Liu Fangfang "Best World", became the "Guitar Hero" of Mexican teenagers.

Lascaux's protagonist is the famous actor and singer Pedro Infante Cruz. He is not only a symbol of the golden age of Mexican films, but also a national idol in Latin America.

Remove Cruz, the film also "copy" a lot of Mexican stars. Emiliano Zapata, El Santo, Jorge Negrete, Dolores del Río, María Félix and Cantinflas.

Everyone is a "guitarist"

It is no exaggeration to say that the existence of Maria Ponce directly affects the popularity of guitars in Mexico. In the movie, the hero MiG said: "We are probably the only Mexican family that does not like music."

In the streets of Mexico City, casually pulled a big aunt, they picked up the guitar can give you two paragraphs. Mariachi is the type of music they play most often and is the foundation of all the soundtrack work in "Dream Travel".

In the reality of the guitar in the film was made into a limited edition version of the song of God's guitar was made in reality, limited edition

This is one of the quintessence of Mexico in addition to the burrito, UNESCO has been included in the world's cultural heritage. "It can eliminate all gloomy music," commented Professor Chen Ziming of the Central Conservatory of Music.

The opening of the movie, a Malian Achi singer was "mom" angrily shoot slippers, the audience laughter. The opening of the movie, a Malian Achi singer was "mom" angrily shoot slippers, the audience laughter.

If you listen carefully to the lines, you will hear "Old Mom" ​​scolding the Maliki Aide player: "Go away! Maliaarch!"